Chapter 18

Using Email to Attract and Reattract

In This Chapter

arrow Learning the difference between broadcast emails and targeted email workflows

arrow Creating your email workflows

arrow Writing emails that work

arrow Understanding recency and frequency as it relates to email delivery

Like all digital marketing, email marketing continues to evolve for the inbound marketer. The move from broadcasted email blasts to highly segmented individualized emails shows the progression to the inbound way. Rather than disrupting people’s lives with unwanted spam, create valuable content with which consumers elect to interact.

Today, more than ever, practicing considerate, thoughtful email marketing is important. People and email service providers are applying filters for unwanted emails. Knowing what content to email and understanding the frequency of messaging desired by your target customers improves communication and increases email open rates! This chapter covers email marketing and automated email workflows as applied to your overall inbound marketing efforts.

Knowing Where to Start

Have you ever suffered ...

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