The ABCs of Inbound PR

A: Attract

Attract is the very first stage of the inbound PR methodology. Everything starts here—a consumer's journey, a client's discovery, a journalist's search, a blogger's experience. It's all based on how we make decisions today, which is fundamentally different than a few decades ago simply because technology has given us so much choice and power. With inbound PR, you need to have deep knowledge of all stakeholders in your or your client's business and define where and how their attract stage begins so that you can turn them from strangers into visitors and readers of your content, and ultimately into paying customers or media people you end up working with on a story.

B: Buyer Persona

The most central aspect of all inbound, whether inbound PR, inbound marketing, or inbound sales, is the buyer persona. Nothing works well without a clear definition of your buyer persona or, when we speak about media relations, of your media persona. The persona is a semifictional representation of your ideal customer or any other stakeholder; it's that deep dive into their problems and needs and the questions that your potential customers or good media contacts are asking before they make a decision to buy from you or work with you. You need to know this information backward and forward. If you don't, you won't be able to succeed at any of the steps of the inbound PR methodology nor will you be able to create relevant content.

C: Content

Content is ...

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