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InDesign CS3 Basic Layout: Video QuickStart

Video Description

The best-selling Visual QuickStart Guide series is now available as online video! Video Qu ickStar tscombine the practical, step-by-step approach of the Visual QuickStart Guide series with the immediacy of online learning to offer an all-new approach to mastering a new application or technology quickly. Each Video QuickStart offers short, task-based videos and rich graphics to demonstrate key concepts. Simply make your purchase online, log in, and within minutes you will be learning at your desktop.  Running time

This video is organized into the topics and tasks most relevant to beginning and intermediate Adobe InDesign users, and users new to InDesign CS3.  It can be viewed from beginning to end users can jump to the feature that interests them most. The graphic located at the bottom of every video makes it easy to quickly scrub through each sub-lesson to find the specific task the viewer needs help with.  After viewing this video, the viewer will understand the basics of an InDesign project in a print environment, including formatting text; working with objects and frames; manipulating color and transparency; and outputting your document to a desktop printer or to a PDF to package it for a printing service provider.  The video also covers the essentials for setting up documents and preferences; getting around the InDesign interface; working with different types of frames; creating objects; utilizing master pages; importing graphics; customizing color; storing text, object, and table styles; and using the new transparent effects in InDesign CS3.

For more than 15 years, Peachpit Press has helped millions of users—from designers to developers and more—get up to speed on all sorts of computer programs. The new Video QuickStarts provide a quick, convenient, computer-based alternative to learning your favorite creative applications.

Table of Contents

  1. 1. The InDesign Video QuickStart
    1. Introduction 00:02:51
  2. 2. Getting Started
    1. Document Setup 00:00:58
    2. Layout Options 00:04:51
    3. Tools Panel 00:03:00
    4. Rulers, Guides and Grids 00:03:40
    5. Navigator Palette 00:03:22
  3. 3. Panels and Workspace
    1. Arranging Panels and Saving Workspaces 00:02:26
    2. Layers Panel 00:01:21
    3. Info Panel 00:01:30
    4. Swatches Panel 00:04:33
    5. Stroke Panel 00:01:24
    6. Character Panel 00:02:27
    7. Paragraph Panel 00:04:34
    8. Control Panel 00:01:07
  4. 4. Creating a Document
    1. Types of Frames 00:01:57
    2. New Document Window 00:01:41
    3. Working with Multiple Pages 00:01:43
    4. Master Pages 00:02:49
    5. Auto Page Numbers 00:03:43
  5. 5. Working with Objects
    1. Basic Shapes 00:06:21
    2. Selecting Whole Objects with the Selection Tool 00:01:39
    3. Transforming Objects 00:03:08
  6. 6. Working with Text
    1. Styles and Typography 00:01:07
    2. Text Frames 00:02:09
    3. Working with Text Flow 00:01:36
    4. Placing or Importing Text 00:02:30
    5. Formatting Text 00:02:12
    6. Character and Paragraph Styles 00:04:21
    7. Columns 00:02:41
    8. Text Inset Options 00:03:20
    9. Bulleted Lists 00:02:23
    10. Tables 00:06:47
  7. 7. Working with Graphics
    1. Working with Graphics 00:02:39
    2. Placing Artwork 00:07:03
    3. Linking and Embedding Graphics 00:02:33
    4. Applying Effects 00:04:34
    5. Object Styles 00:03:35
  8. 8. Working with Color in InDesign
    1. Color in InDesign 00:03:49
    2. The Color Panel 00:01:56
    3. Defining and Storing Swatches 00:04:01
    4. Spot Colors 00:02:13
  9. 9. Transparency in InDesign
    1. Opacity 00:01:13
    2. Blend Modes 00:03:12
    3. Transparency Effects 00:06:01
  10. 10. Exporting, Prepress and Printing
    1. Output from InDesign 00:01:36
    2. Preview in InDesign 00:06:02
    3. Exporting as PDF 00:03:11
    4. Printing a Document 00:03:34
    5. Outputting a Postscript® File 00:01:30
    6. Creating a Preflight Report 00:01:54
    7. Packaging a Document 00:02:50