Chapter 30. Printing Documents


  • Understanding the many print options

  • Saving printer settings for reuse

  • Specifying options used in imagesetters

  • Working with process and spot colors

  • Working with transparency and transparency flattening

Your document is done. Your printers and printer options are set up, and you've preflighted your document, as described in Chapter 29. You're ready to see all that effort become reality by printing a proof copy or an actual version on a high-resolution imagesetter or printer.

The good news is that your hard work is over. Printing from InDesign is straightforward after everything has been set up. Just choose File

Printing Documents

If you're working with the InDesign book feature (see Chapter 24), you can print the book's chapters from an open book's panel using the Print Book option from its flyout menu. (If one or more documents in the book are selected in the panel, the menu option changes to Print Selected Documents.) The setup options are the same as those for printing individual documents described in this chapter.

If you want to print booklets and have InDesign figure out the right printing order for their pages, use the File

Printing Documents

And if you want to print to file, such as to create an EPS, PostScript, or PDF output file for use by a service bureau, set up the print ...

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