16Switched Ethernet in Automation

Gunnar Prytz

ABB Corporate Research

Per Christian Juel

ABB Corporate Research

Rahil Hussain

ABB Corporate Research

Tor Skeie

University of Oslo

  1. 16.1 Introduction

  2. 16.2 Requirements and Challenges

    1. Topology

    2. Availability

    3. Performance

    4. Time Synchronization

    5. Security

  3. 16.3 Network Architectures

  4. 16.4 Switches

    1. What Is a Switch?

    2. Switch Architecture

  5. 16.5 Networking Protocols

    1. Redundancy

    2. Quality of Service

    3. Multicast and VLAN Handling

    4. Time Synchronization

    5. Simple Network Time Protocol

    6. Precision Time Protocol

  6. 16.6 Future Outlook

  7. References

16.1 Introduction

Ethernet is a very important communication platform (a physical layer and partly a data link layer) for automation systems. While the fieldbuses are still important in ...

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