Chapter 1Introduction to Security Risk Assessment and Management


This course was developed out of a training outline and the course Col. Arlow and I taught together in Manama, Bahrain. Pieter’s background is South African Defense Force, and he was responsible for the security of the World Cup in 2011. Dave’s background is civilian, industrial chemical, and environmental consulting. Together, we believe that this book will provide a different and practical approach that combines security theory with practice. We hope that it is not just another book that is put on the shelf and used occasionally, but read and considered, and one where our suggestions are put into place.

Security is not just one group’s business; it is everybody’s business. The combination of security, safety, and environmental protection are critical to the operation of a modern-day chemical or industrial plant. Despite the heightened focus on security by the US Department of Homeland Security and Transportation Security Administration, in many instances, it amounts to little more than a theater of the absurd because the United States is only marginally more secure and it is more a chance of luck than of their expensive, large, and restrictive efforts to increase travel security in particular and homeland security in general. Paperwork does little to provide security.

Business Definition

The business definition of security is quite straight forward. Webster’s Dictionary provides us with the basis for security: ...

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