Chapter 8Security System Design and Implementation: Practical Notes

Security Threat-Level Factors

There are various factors that may influence the security of any industrial facility, as was discussed in detail in the previous chapters. These factors vary from system- or plant-related threats, to chemical–biological threats, which may directly affect internal security as a whole.

Security within the industrial plant or oil facility may also be affected by external threats, ranging from planned terrorist activities, to sabotage and individual attempts by disgruntled staff of opponents in the market. Terrorist activities are becoming more prevalent where facilities sustaining sensitive and/or expensive operations may fall victim to such attempts, especially in light of most conflicts being more asymmetric of nature (asymmetric warfare: conflicts that are nonconventional and difficult to define; the intended hostility and identity of the belligerent are not visible).

Considered Factors

Existence of a terrorist threat and its ability to gain access to a given facility will be influenced by the following factors and should be analyzed according to its perceived manifestation and the prevailing trends and tendencies as mapped within a specific country and certain political arenas.

The acquired assessed or demonstrated abilities or capabilities of the terrorist group must be analyzed in detail by utilizing security information analysis. It may also be advisable to approach existing sources ...

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