Chapter 20

Ten Online Resources for Influencer Marketing Information

In This Chapter

arrow Keeping current with the latest influencer marketing news

arrow Finding trusted resources amid a sea of junk

We don’t have to tell you how hard it can be to find reliable news and information online. You probably know where to turn for your daily diet of general news and information, but what about marketing-specific news? News that’s relevant to influencer marketing campaigns? In this chapter, we fill you in on ten trusted resources you can turn to for the news and information you need. Some apply to advertising and marketing in general; others are specific to social media and influencer marketing. But all of these sites are places you can trust.

Advertising Age

If we were to tally up the articles we share with each other in our private, staff Facebook group, the bulk of them would come from Advertising Age (or AdAge for short). AdAge ( is an important source of news and industry information for anyone in the advertising, marketing, and/or social media industry. AdAge covers topics relevant to influencer marketing and is particularly useful for people who are interested in where brands are spending their marketing dollars and which agencies are winning what business. AdAge coverage includes ...

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