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Vision without execution is hallucination.


The previous chapter began with a visual metaphor about two lenses. The first diverging lens expanded creative exploration. It set loose a search for insights, and better forms for conveying those insights. The second lens is a converging lens. It catches the products of our creative exploration and focuses them to the audience. That is what this chapter is about.

Image of the side profile of the human eye; diverging lines depicting light rays are shown radiating outward from the eye. The rays pass through a concave lens, causing them to converge, and then through a concave lens, causing them to run parallel to each other.


There are two ways to draw a dragon. In one approach, first block out the general shapes with light lines so it is easy to correct errors. As you become satisfied with the form, begin adding detail. Gradually, darken lines. The dragon emerges through a conversation between the productive hand and the critical eye.

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