Chapter 24. Evaluating the Project

Evaluating the Project

The intelligent man is one who has successfully fulfilled many accomplishments, and is yet willing to learn more.

 --Ed Parker

The project is finished, and the final deliverables have arrived in the hands and on the computers of the customers. You’re ready for a month in Tahiti. But wait, you’re not quite through. As project manager, you need to tie up loose ends, some of which you did at the end of the Production Phase. Now you’re at Phase 5: Evaluation (see Figure 24-1). You still have things to do that are as important to the success of future projects as all your previous activities were essential to the smooth running of your completed project.

Phase 5 is the culmination of your project

Figure 24-1. Phase 5 is the culmination of your project

Although the first four phases account for 100% of the total project time, Phase 5 remains, although I have not formally allocated time to this phase. If you have kept good records and issued progress reports throughout the project, your final reporting about the project should take minimal time. However, you may want to allocate five percent of total project time to the evaluation activities if you can formally include them in the project budget.

The major activity of the Evaluation Phase is a meeting with your team and other stakeholders to discuss ...

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