Information gathering with Kali Linux

Video description

Plan your installation with Kali Linux using the best hardware.

About This Video

  • This video shows you how to gather information about a target using various Kali Linux tools
  • It covers techniques to troubleshoot and avoid problems during the installation process
  • This comprehensive guide covers the best way to install Kali with all the proper tools installed and up to date

In Detail

Kali Linux is a Linux distribution designed for digital forensics, penetration testing, and security auditing. It is the successor of BackTrack, the world's most popular penetration testing distributor. Kali Linux includes many well-known security tools, and this course will teach you more about the tools and their usage.

This course not only shows you how to install Kali Linux, but also how to properly plan the installation and select the best hardware. We’ll include post-installation tasks and you’ll see how to configure Kali Linux to get the best performance, as well as ensuring your project needs are satisfied. Within this, we’ll show you how to gather information using the tools present in Kali Linux.

The tools used in this course teach you how to acquire information about a target including web applications, documents, metadata, and other popular and powerful tools included with the distribution. This course helps you plan and install Kali Linux to get the optimal results for your specific needs. We’ll emphasize how to choose the best hardware and install the distribution and troubleshoot problems that may arise during the process.

The course wraps up with post-installation and configuration tasks.

Product information

  • Title: Information gathering with Kali Linux
  • Author(s): Sean-Philip Oriyano
  • Release date: October 2017
  • Publisher(s): Packt Publishing
  • ISBN: 9781788625869