5Animating Teams to Stimulate Collective Creativity

Creativity is an ability that is increasingly in demand in organizations. In accordance with the approach chosen in this book, we consider it as part of an agile organizational dynamic aimed at producing innovations. Thus, creativity is not only undertaken by isolated individuals but also by groups whose assigned objective is to propose new ideas to meet a new need or problem. In this respect, group creativity only makes sense if the ideas produced collectively are more relevant and numerous than those of individuals who have worked alone to develop them. Therefore, one of the questions that can be asked to answer this question is how to transform the individual ability to create into a competence. In a way, this means clarifying how to work on and develop this group creativity with great potential.

To answer this, we underline the fact that knowing and applying a creative process (a method composed of steps and tools) can open new paths by generating large numbers of ideas in an effective way. Thus, when considered as a collective process, the people participating in the “creativity group” will more quickly understand the attitudes, postures and reasoning used in this method. In this sense, the collective also makes it possible to enrich individual points of view and increase the number of ideas produced. The group effect not only promotes the addition of inventive powers but also allows them to be multiplied by each other ...

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