7System Mapping and Analysis

This chapter is divided into two parts. The first part is dedicated to presenting all the elements that will be used to study the innovation system. The second part will present how to carry out its analysis and monitoring.

7.1. Mapping of the system’s tangible and intangible assets

The mapping in this section is about identifying, classifying and memorizing a number of elements that contribute to an innovation process. Thus, they are elements that contribute directly or indirectly to the creation of a product or service considered new, compared to those that precede it, while having been successfully accepted by a minimum proportion of the public for which it is intended. This means identifying tangible and intangible assets of a system as a knowledge management and production system. That is why we begin this part by recalling some fundamental points of knowledge management.

7.1.1. Knowledge management and assets considered

Knowledge management is an approach that aims first and foremost to make the exploitation of an organization’s intangible resources more efficient. From this point of view, this involves identifying a number of its intangible assets, transforming them or linking them to others in order to report them and to exploit when necessary for the implementation of an organizational process, to improve how they are shared in order to create new knowledge and prevent it being forgotten and thus prevent degradation of some of the company’s ...

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