Note: Page numbers followed by “f” and “t” indicate figures and tables respectively.

Access analytics
argparse module, 109
csv module, 109–110
datetime module, 110
haversine distance, 116–117
“Havesine Python,” 117
Linux/Unix systems, 110
math module, 110
MaxMind GeoIP API, 116
MaxMind’s GeoIP module, 121
parse_args() function, 112
parser.add.argument method, 112
pseudocode, 116
Python, 100, 103
Codecademy, 103–104
resources, 103
Web site, 104
re module, 109
remote access Python analytics program flow, 111, 111f
result analysis
connections types, 121
haversine distance, 118–119
malicious remote connections identification, 121
User8 access behavior, 119, 119f
User90 access behavior, 119, 120f
User91 access behavior, 120, 120f
vpn.csv file, output, 117, 118f
scripting ...

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