Table of Contents

List of Figures


Chapter 1 — Introduction


Professional utility of information security knowledge

Brief history

Definition of information security


Example case – Wikileaks, Cablegate, and free reign over classified networks

Chapter review questions

Example case questions

Hands-on activity – Software Inspector, Steganography

Critical thinking exercise: identifying CIA area(s) affected by sample real-life hacking incidents

Design case

Chapter 2 — System Administration (Part 1)



What is system administration?

System administration and information security

Common system administration tasks

System administration utilities


Example case – T.J. Maxx

Chapter review questions

Example case questions

Hands-on Activity – Linux system installation

Critical thinking exercise – Google executives sentenced to prison over video

Design case

Chapter 3 — System Administration (Part 2)


Operating system structure

The command-line interface

Files and directories

Moving around the filesystem – pwd, cd

Listing files and directories

Shell expansions

File management

Viewing files

Searching for files

Access control and user management

Access control lists

File ownership

Editing files

Software installation and updates

Account management

Command-line user administration

Example case – Northwest Florida State College


Chapter review questions

Example case questions

Hands-on activity – basic Linux system administration

Critical ...

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