Managing Sqlhosts with Setnet

On UNIX systems, ensuring that the correct entries are placed in the sqlhosts file is strictly a manual job. Informix has simplified this greatly with the inclusion of the setnet utility on NT systems. Actually, setnet originally saw light as part of Informix-Net for OnLine 5.X clients running on Windows 3.1. In the time since then, Informix-Net went from being a 16-bit application to being a 32-bit application called Informix-Connect. Setnet became setnet32.

It is possible to run both the 16-bit and the 32-bit connectivity packages on the same machine if this is needed. Install the 16-bit I-Net first. Go into %INFORMIXDIR%\bin and rename setnet.exe to setnet16.exe. Rename ilogin.exe to ilogin16.exe. Then go ahead ...

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