Chapter 8. Monitoring and troubleshooting ER 133
Commit Rate: Number of transactions applied per second.
򐂰 Statistics by Source
Here you get to see per source server, per replicate statistics:
Repl: Replicate ID. Get the replicate name and table name from the
onstat -g cat repls command.
Txn: Total number of transactions applied.
Ins: Number of inserts received from this source server.
Del: Number of deletes received from this source server.
Upd: Number of updates received from this source server.
Last Target Apply: Last transaction apply time.
Last Source Commit: Last transaction commit time at the source server.
Replication Latency: Last Target Apply minus the Last Source Commit.
8.3.7 Data Sync statistics
Data Sync is the subsystem in enterprise replication where transactions are
applied to the target table on the target server. The operation is performed by
multiple threads in parallel. Statistics about this module can be seen using the
onstat -g dss command; sample output is shown in Example 8-21.
Example 8-21 onstat -g dss
DS thread statistic
cmtTime Tx Tx Tx Last Tx
Name < local Committed Aborted Processed Processed Time
------------ ------- --------- ------- --------- -----------------
CDRD_2 0 1433 0 1433 (1170064037)
Tables (0.0%):
Databases: stores_demo
CDRD_3 0 261 0 261 (1170060611)
Tables (0.0%):
Databases: stores_demo
CDRD_4 0 205 0 205 (1170060611)
Tables (0.0%):
Databases: stores_demo
CDRD_5 0 202 0 202 (1170060611)
Tables (0.0%):
Databases: stores_demo

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