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Chapter 9. SQL Language
The Structured Query Language (SQL) is the language most widely used to
model, create, and query the data in relational databases. And, there is an SQL
language standard committee that continues to refine and expand the SQL
standard. All relational database management system (RDBMS) vendors
support various levels of the SQL standard and proprietary enhancements.
IDS 11 enhances compliance with the SQL standard and enables easier
application development, integration, and maintenance.
In this chapter, we discuss those features, which include support for:
򐂰 Subqueries in the FROM clause
򐂰 Named parameter support for JDBC
򐂰 Multiple triggers for the same event
򐂰 Stored procedure language enhancements
򐂰 New data types for hierarchical data modeling and access methods for text
search and messaging:
Built-in text search access method
Access to WebSphere® MQ
242 Informix Dynamic Server 11: Advanced Functionality for Modern Business
򐂰 Optimizer enhancements:
Index self-join
Support for directives in ANSI join queries
Statistics feedback in the explain file
򐂰 New last committed read isolation level for enhanced concurrency
򐂰 XML publishing functions
򐂰 Infrastructure improvements:
More about statistics, automatic statistics collection while creating the
index, sysdbopen(), sysdbclose())
Distributed query support for new datatypes
New functions
There is quite a bit of information, so let us get started.

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