Chapter 4. Enhancements in high availability 121
4.5 Conclusion
IDS provides many new innovative features to support high availability of data.
The replication technology in earlier versions of IDS is widely used by clients and
meets their requirements. With the release of IDS 11, the replication technology
is enhanced further with new features, such as RSS, SDS, and CLR. What
makes it more interesting is that all the technologies can coexist and they work
together. It makes IDS a very powerful server to meet any challenging database
requirements. Permutations of HDR, ER, Storage Solution, SDS, RSS, and CLR
can provide many combinations to satisfy an extremely wide range of solutions
for database requirements. What makes the IDS solution unique is that all the
features are built within the server and they interact with each other. This
modular approach makes each feature simple to implement and use. The
interaction between the features enables you to solve a complex problem, and
that makes IDS a very powerful solution enabler. At the same time, the simplicity
of IDS is maintained, because any issues that might arise due to the combination
of technologies used can be resolved inside the server and thus can minimize
DBA activity and the overall cost of ownership.
122 Informix Dynamic Server 11: Advanced Functionality for Modern Business

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