Appendix: Writing and Teaching Analytics with Cases

James J. Cochran

Culverhouse College of Business, The University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL, USA

The case teaching methodology is commonly used in professional degree programs as a way to afford students opportunities to assume responsibility for and develop appreciation of typical situations faced by practitioners. Instructors over a wide range of clinical disciplines such as medicine, business, pharmacy, and law have found that a well-conceived and well-written case can help their students develop profound insight into the practice of a discipline without exposing students and organizations to the risks associated with the case scenario. Use of the case method of teaching has spread from these disciplines to other less-clinically oriented disciplines, such as political science [1], anthropology [2], sociology [3], chemistry [4], and astronomy [5].

But what is a case, or more precisely, a teaching case? In this appendix, we will consider this question as well as discuss a classification scheme for cases. We will discuss approaches to finding material for and subsequently writing a teaching case, factors in selecting a published teaching case for classroom use, considerations in assessing student performances on cases, and development of a case discussion facilitation style. We will also briefly discuss sources of published teaching cases and outlets for teaching case authors. Finally, we will provide a relatively simple analytics ...

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