Initiative: The Biggest Win

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If you want to learn to take initiative in your professional and personal life but need help knowing how to do that, this lesson is for you. We’ve all heard that it’s valuable to ‘show initiative,’ but what does that phrase actually mean? We'll explore what initiative entails, consider actionable steps, identify times not to use your initiative, and explore how fear may be blocking your potential.

Showing initiative involves authenticity and self-awareness. Instead of living hopelessly in whatever is not working, you can proactively work to improve your personal or professional life. Along the way, you just might inspire others with your behaviour. Join us to discover how you can make a meaningful impact for yourself and others by being bold and resourceful.

Learning Objectives

  • Establish what initiative is.
  • Discover actionable steps for taking initiative and when to use your initiative.
  • Examine how to overcome fears of failure linked to innovation and enterprise

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  1. Initiative: The Biggest Win

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  • Title: Initiative: The Biggest Win
  • Author(s): Assemble You Limited
  • Release date: September 2023
  • Publisher(s): Assemble You
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