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InnerSource Product Owners

Video Description

Sponsored by PayPal

Middle management support is crucial to the adoption and long term survival of any InnerSource program. But how do you pull that off? In this course, InnerSource expert Silona Bonewald reveals the strategies that will convince middle managers to approve your InnerSource program and support them for doing so. One key to her approach: learn how to measure your program's success. If middle managers can see measurable success, your InnerSource program will thrive. Learners should be familiar with Agile or Lean processes and have a basic understanding of the roles of InnerSource Trusted Committers and Contributors. For best results, please view O'Reilly Media's "Introduction to InnerSource" video before beginning this course.

  • Learn how to build and maintain middle management support for InnerSource programs
  • Understand the Product Owners role in InnerSource
  • Discover the best methods for dealing with escalations and removing bottlenecks
  • Get wise to the numbers your bosses need to see and why they need to see them
  • Explore the best ways to market your team and product to your organization
  • Pick up the ability to create and maintain win/win agreements
  • Learn how to persuade other teams to open their code to your team

Silona Bonewald is the Director of InnerSource Engineering at Paypal. A developer and open source advocate since the late 90s, Silonia is a frequent contributor at O'Reilly OSCON conferences, where she speaks about InnerSource and other open source related topics.