Innovate or Perish: Managing the Enduring Technology Company in the Global Market

Book description

Essential reading for IP managers and corporate executives, Innovate or Perish is a new road map equipping readers with the principles and tools needed for their companies to compete in the emerging creativity economy. Edited by Edward Kahn, this seminal book includes contributions from seasoned intellectual property (IP) professionals—including Ed Walsh, Karl Jorda, Wayne Jaeschke, Abha Divine, and Damon Matteo.

Table of contents

  1. Copyright
  2. Acknowledgments
  3. About the Editor
  4. About the Authors
  5. Preface
  6. Principles of Global Leadership in The Enduring Technology Company
    1. The Polymath CEO: Enlightened Leadership for the Enduring Technology Company
      1. The Global Picture from a Lofty Perch
      2. What’s at Stake
      3. Restructuring Financial Incentives
      4. IP and Business Strategy Must Be Congruent
      5. Disintermediation of RD&E
      6. Varied Paths of Innovation
      7. Open Innovation and Disruptive Technologies
      8. Merger Mania vs. Tech Transfer
      9. Wide IP Vision as an Antidote to Trolls
      10. Sustainability Requires Constant Change
  7. Intellectual Property Management
    1. The IP Toolkit: Maximizing Business Value from Intellectual Property
      1. The First Rule of Value: Intellectual Property Doesn’t Do Anything (on Its Own)
      2. The Second Rule of Value: Rational People Don’t Sue Themselves
      3. The Third Rule of Value: “Patience and Diligence Remove Mountains”—William Penn
      4. Conclusion
    2. Harvesting New Intellectual Assets: The Role of Business Method Patents and Trade Secrets in Strategic IP Management
      1. The Fusion of Marketing, Technology, and IP in Integrated IP Management
      2. State Street Bank Leads to an Explosion of Financial and E-Commerce Patents
      3. The Debate over Patenting Business Methods and Nontechnical Subject Matter
      4. Jeffersonian Liberal Encouragement of Innovation
      5. The Doomsday Scenario if Nontechnology Patents Are Not Reined In
      6. Litigation of Business Methods
      7. Using Business Method Patents to Protect Core Market Interests beyond Finance and E-Commerce
      8. Dovetail Business Method Patents and Trade Secrets
      9. The Role and Value of Trade Secrets in Conjunction with Patents
      10. Exemplary Trade-Secret Cases
      11. Business, Technical, and IP Partnering to Pollinate the Seeds and Harvest the Fruit
      12. Capturing All of the Innovation for Added Shareholder Value
    3. Giants Can Be Nimble: The SBC Story
      1. Shifts in Innovation
      2. Valuation of IP Assets
      3. IP Management Styles
      4. The SBC Communications Story
      5. Organizational Approach
      6. Operational Controls
      7. Operational and Financial Metrics
      8. Conclusions
    4. Innovation Asset Portfolio: The Intellectual Property Muse Gets an MBA
      1. Finding Value in Innovation
      2. Moving R&D into Accountability
      3. A New Methodology
      4. Measures of Value
      5. Linkages and Dependencies
      6. Selection of Research Targets
      7. Multiple Commercialization Vehicles
  8. Innovation
    1. Innovation Strategy: The Essential Ingredient
      1. Introduction
      2. Need for Innovation: The Strategy Review
      3. Fuel and Guidance for Innovation
      4. Nature of Innovation
      5. Current Issues with Innovation
      6. Best Practices for Strategic IP Management
      7. Conclusions
    2. Maximizing Innovation Teams: The Internal and External Connection Network
      1. Case Story
      2. New Approach
      3. Innovation Teams and Networks
      4. Innovation Team Member Selection Criteria
      5. Team Function and Roles
      6. Team Communication
      7. The Innovation Team Test Drive
    3. Road-Mapping Disruptive Technical Threats and Opportunities in Complex, Technology-Based Subsystems: The SAILS Methodology
      1. Background
      2. The SAILS Methodology
      3. Examples
      4. Concluding Observations
      5. Acknowledgments
  9. Partnered Technology and Business Development
    1. Open for Business : The Air Products and Chemicals Story
      1. Background on Open Innovation at Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.
      2. Process for Needs Identification
      3. Partnering Strategies
      4. University R&D Alliances
      5. Global R&D Insourcing
      6. External Providers
      7. Partnering with the Government
      8. Licensing-In
      9. Joint Development
      10. Measuring External R&D Programs
      11. Recognizing External Technologists or Partners
    2. Determining Fair Royalty Rates for University-Developed Technology Exclusive License Option
      1. Profitability of Air Products (APD) and Companies in Our Chemicals Market Segment
      2. University and Corporate Costs of Product R&D and Commercialization
      3. Approach 1: Royalty Rate as Function of Sales for Early-Stage Technology
      4. Approach 2: Royalty Rates Based on Earnings for Early-Stage Technology
      5. Conclusion
    3. Growth Strategies Using Intellectual Assets and Strategic Alliances
      1. The Importance of Business Growth
      2. Lummus Process Technology
      3. Strategic Alliances for Small Business Unit Growth
      4. The Key Alliance Success Factors
      5. In a Nutshell
    4. Innovation and the Biopharmaceutical Industry—Crisis or Crossroads?
      1. Introduction
      2. Current Woes of the Pharmaceutical Industry
      3. Origins of the Industry Reveal Some Insights into the Broken Pipeline Problem
      4. Winds of Change: New Technologies, New Innovators, and a New Product Class
      5. Elements of a “Perfect Storm”
      6. Do Recent Trends Predict Successful Stenting of the Pipeline?
      7. The Future: Personalized Medicine, Integrated Innovation, and Global Health
      8. Conclusions
    5. Building Companies on Not-So-Fertile Soil
      1. Introduction
      2. Impediments and Missing Pieces
      3. Aligning the Interests of Stakeholders
      4. Step by Step, Deal by Deal
      5. Conclusion

Product information

  • Title: Innovate or Perish: Managing the Enduring Technology Company in the Global Market
  • Author(s): Edward Kahn
  • Release date: December 2006
  • Publisher(s): Wiley
  • ISBN: 9780471779308