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Innovation: Essentials from Leader to Leader

Book Description

Innovation is necessary for creating a bright, competitive future. In this collection, you'll find important insights on innovation drawn from the pages of the award-winning publication Leader to Leader. Written by some of the country's top thought leaders, including Clayton M. Christensen, Margaret J. Wheatley, and Gary Hamel, this collection makes innovation come alive in new and surprising ways.

Focusing on different aspects and approaches of innovation, it delivers practical knowledge and advice that can mean the difference in your innovation efforts. Each article is packed with information backed by research and real-world examples and success stories. As a whole, you'll learn how innovation is accomplished, and specifically:

  • How companies can learn innovation from the arts

  • What innovation really is, and how it can be re-imagined

  • How business model innovation needs to become a systematic, manageable process

  • How the new world of work operates, in an "open" environment

  • How to create a safe-space innovation zone

  • How to find innovation opportunities where disciplines intersect

  • How to make your organization capable of innovation in resources, processes, and values

  • And more.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Introduction
  3. Breaking Away: A New Model for Innovation
    1. Re-Imagining Innovation
    2. The Four-Level Innovation Model
    3. Risk and the Four Levels
    4. The Three Ws
    5. From Theory to Practice: The Leadership Imperative
  4. The Time Has Come for Business Model Innovation
    1. Making Business Model Innovation Systematic and Manageable
    2. Responding to Threats
    3. Capitalizing on Opportunities
    4. Focus on Where the World Is Going
  5. Flat, Spiky, and Curved is Now Open
    1. The Changing World of Training and Development
    2. The Open Learning World
    3. Informal Learning
    4. Supporting This Open Learning World
    5. New Learning Vistas
  6. Leading in the Innovation Zone
    1. Creating an Innovation Zone
    2. Innovation 2.0: Sorting Your Ideas’ Ambitions
    3. Taking Ideas from Concept to Reality
  7. Finding Innovation at the Intersection
    1. Finding New Connections
    2. Finding New Combinations at Work
    3. How Diversity Drives Innovation
    4. Standing at the Intersection
  8. Assessing Your Organization’s Innovation Capabilities
    1. An Organizational Capabilities Framework
    2. The Capabilities to Address Sustaining or Disruptive Technologies
    3. Creating Capabilities to Cope with Change
    4. A Structural Framework for Managing Different Types of Innovation
    5. The Danger of Wishful Thinking
  9. Innovation Means Relying on Everyone’s Creativity
    1. Meaning Engages Our Creativity
    2. Depend on Diversity
    3. Involve Everybody Who Cares
    4. Diversity Is the Path to Unity
    5. People Will Always Surprise Us
    6. Rely on Human Goodness
  10. Sowing the Seeds of Innovation
    1. Awareness
    2. Partnering
    3. Possibilities for Turning Necessity into Opportunity
    4. Perspective
    5. Practicing Innovation at All Levels of the Company
  11. Successful Innovation Through Artful Process
    1. Making the Business-Arts Connection
    2. Managing Artfully
  12. Innovation: The New Route to New Wealth
    1. The Innovation Imperative
    2. You’re Never Too Old to Innovate
    3. Three Signs
    4. Creating an Innovation Engine
    5. From Ideas to Action
    6. Hammer Time