Innovation, Research and Development Management

Book description

In today’s business environment, as organizations constantly seek to growth and develop through the optimization of their innovative and creative potential, understanding the critical issues and management practices in R & D is essential. This book provides a critical revaluation of the state of the art issues and concepts in R&D management. The views expressed are those of leading French researchers and professionals in this field, fed by empirical studies in national and international firms.

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Foreword
  3. General Introduction
    1. I.1. Managing R&D and innovation: current and critical issues
    2. I.2. A book on R&D management of large industrial enterprises
    3. I.3. A descriptive and analytical book aimed at a wide audience
    4. I.4. Structure of the book
  4. 1 R&D and New Competitive Challenges: Between Intensive Innovation Strategy and Internationalization
    1. 1.1. Strategy and R&D
    2. 1.2. Environmental factors influencing business strategies in R&D and their consequences
    3. 1.3. R&D strategies tested overseas: the example of China
    4. 1.4. Conclusion
  5. 2 Work in R&D and its Transformations
    1. 2.1. Specifics of R&D work and its heterogeneity
    2. 2.2. The main transformations of R&D work since 1990
    3. 2.3. Current tensions and open questions as to the future of work in R&D
    4. 2.4. Conclusion
  6. 3 Rationalization and Creativity: R&D under Pressure
    1. 3.1. Permanent rationalizations and reduction of available resources in R&D
    2. 3.2. Creativity: between individual attribute and social process
    3. 3.3. Ingredients and negative effects of slack reductions on creativity
    4. 3.4. Mechanisms linking slack reduction and creativity
    5. 3.5. Conclusion
  7. 4 Managing R&D Professionals: HRM Practices and Current Challenges
    1. 4.1. HRM and R&D: complex relationships
    2. 4.2. HRM development in R&D today
    3. 4.3. The new challenges of HRM in R&D
    4. 4.4. Conclusion
  8. 5 Collective Expertise: Forms and Methods of Management
    1. 5.1. Collective expertise in R&D
    2. 5.2. Two forms of structuring: “horizontal” and “vertical”
    3. 5.3. Conclusion
  9. 6 Performance Management in R&D
    1. 6.1. Performance in R&D
    2. 6.2. Budgetary control of R&D departments
    3. 6.3. Innovation project management control
    4. 6.4. Conclusion
  10. Bibliography
  11. Index
  12. End User License Agreement

Product information

  • Title: Innovation, Research and Development Management
  • Author(s): Patrick Gilbert, Natalia Bobadilla, Lise Gastaldi, Martine Le Boulaire, Olga Lelebina
  • Release date: October 2018
  • Publisher(s): Wiley-ISTE
  • ISBN: 9781786303004