Principle 1: Establish and Deploy a CPM Office and Officer
The world is full of willing people, some willing to work, the rest willing to let them.
—Robert Frost
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The first step to becoming a high-performing CPM enterprise is Principle 1: Establish and deploy a CPM office and officer for your enterprise. The CPM office and officer are at the center of the five CPM principles and facilitate deploying the remaining four principles. Not all award winners have started here; however, they all, at some point, came to the realization that this is a dedicated role. In a few cases we have seen a distributed but integrated adaptation of this role where executive team collaboration has been very successful. Your company may adopt a different title, so look beyond your title to the substance of the role. Principle 1 consists of several best practice elements.
Careful research of the cases in this book reveals they follow a discernible set of core CPM processes organized within the Five Key Principles. These CPM processes were arrayed in Exhibit 3.1 to provide strategic context and a working framework to assist you in your organization. Note that Principle 1, Establish and Deploy CPM Office and Officer, consists of four CPM processes, though some organizations have expanded beyond these core processes.

Manage CPM Centers of Excellence ...

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