Sooner or later in your professional life, regardless of your profession or position, you’ll have to give that really important presentation. Or perhaps giving presentations is your profession and you’re looking for new ideas and a razor sharp added edge to boost your already successful career. This book focuses on several distinct and unique aspects of the arc of creating a presentation: topic selection, audience analysis, visual design, and delivery technology and techniques — and imaginative ideas and strategies. This book brings together the latest presentation tactics and technologies to help nascent, casual, and experienced presenters — whichever you might be — develop, write, and give innovative, stimulating presentations, and most important, presentations that give you over the top results — consistently.

About This Book

More than 20 years ago, PowerPoint revolutionized presentations. If you ever used 35-millimeter slides and overhead transparencies to show visuals along with your spoken presentations, you know how drastically PowerPoint changed things: You could do the visuals yourself without sending out files to be developed on slides, you could use as many fonts and colors as your computer allowed, and you could tweak your presentation right up to the few seconds before you gave it.

In the last five years or so, presentation style has evolved once again due to technological developments and research into how people learn and absorb information. If you’re ...

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