Chapter 2

Communicating Innovatively

In This Chapter

arrow Identifying innovation

arrow Evolving your presentation

arrow Using the innovation process

Innovative presentations are different and better.

How different and how much better depends upon how you oh-so-ingeniously combine and use technology and creativity — along with solid, established presentation techniques — to transform your presentation into a communications work of art. Some innovative presentations use subtle, indirect, and sophisticated methods while other innovative presentations take advantage of special, power-packed speaking techniques, cool resources, and visual dynamite that explodes from the screen with a persuasive shockwave radiating outward to your audience.

The broad spectrum of your innovative presentations can range from being creatively mild-to-wild and make your talk interesting, fascinating, compelling, entertaining, and captivating. And when needed, you can accompany your presentation with deeply warm, heartstring-pulling elements of unforgettable emotion.

Today’s technology and software encourage you to create stunning visuals and enable you to translate and communicate your ideas and visions into practical, profitable ...

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