Chapter 17

Going Beyond Bullets on Slides

In This Chapter

arrow Choosing a traditional or dynamic presentation style

arrow Staying online or taking things offline

arrow Customizing your presentation on the spot

arrow Selecting the right app

An innovative presentation combines a well-planned, audience-focused message with compelling language and materials such as slides, props, and demonstrations that support the message. However, when the supporting material overwhelms the spoken material, it becomes a distraction rather than a support.

Consider the theater: Well-spoken monologues with few visual props can be more engaging, even thrilling, than grand productions with acrobats, musical scores, and colorful costumes and sets. The actors’ skills in delivering their lines — the message — matters more than the supporting visuals. In other words, no amount of fancy staging can make up for a poorly written and executed script, and sometimes that fancy staging can even be the cause of a flop. Likewise, a simple, well-spoken presentation can have more impact than an over-produced ...

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