Top-Ten List for Firewall Setup

The following are the top-ten tips you need to know about that were covered in this chapter.

  1. Use TCP/IP+HTTP rather than TCP/IP. The TCP/IP protocol choice and browsing over UDP port 1604 is outmoded. Instead, set up your servers with the XML service and set up your clients so that the connect to your servers using TCP/IP+HTTP.

  2. Use SSL+HTTP for the best security. For the best security across the Internet, set up SSL Relay. SSL Relay encrypts and encapsulates all of your ICA traffic, including ICA browsing, in a single port number, TCP port 443.

  3. Use VPNs for remote access. Using a VPN for remote access is a great alternative to having to punch holes through your firewall to access your Citrix MetaFrame servers. Not ...

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