Chapter 14. Searching the Mailbox

There are a number of features in the computer realm that would be nice to have in real life. At the top of that list is undo. With a real-life undo, a woodworker wouldn’t have to be precise in his measurements. He could simply cut a piece of lumber, and if the resulting piece is too short, he could just press Ctrl+Z and do it again. Can you imagine the arguments that could be avoided? "Oops, I didn’t mean to say that." Ctrl+Z! Ah, what a day that would be!

The second feature that would be nice to have in real life is search. Ken Malcolmson has a son with built-in search capabilities. No joke. If there is anything that Ken misplaced, his son can find it. "Andrew," he says, "have you seen my keys?" That is sufficient ...

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