Chapter 19. Server to Server Authentication

Knock! Knock! Knock!

Phyllis Harris stands impatiently outside the Contoso Ltd. office supply room, the door to which is locked. Tina Makovec sent her to retrieve a box of black pens.

"Open up!" she demands.

Among his many other duties, Ken Malcolmson controls the dissemination of office supplies and is often overzealous in his duties.

"Who is it? What’s the password?" comes a voice from inside.

"It’s Phyllis. Come on, Ken, open the door. I need a box of black pens!" she implores.

Being that Phyllis has no jurisdiction over Ken, and being that Ken is in a particularly overzealous mood, Ken pays her no heed.

"Come on, Ken. Tina sent me to get some pens!"

Upon hearing this, Ken unlocks the door and lets the flustered ...

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