The following section introduces logic puzzles. You can find the puzzle solutions in the section that follows this one.

Someone once said, "A puzzle is its own reward." Enjoy!

Puzzle 1: Remainders

Find the smallest integer (n) that yields a remainder of i – 1 when divided by i, for any i in the range 2 through 10. That is, n % 2 = 1, n % 3 = 2, n % 4 = 3, . . ., n% 9 = 8, n % 10 = 9, in which the percent sign (%) signifies the T-SQL modulo operator.

Puzzle 2: Round Manhole Covers

Why are manhole (maintenance hole) covers typically round? You might find this a strange topic for a puzzle, but the answer lies purely in logic.

Puzzle 3: Shaking Hands

My wife and I were at a party recently with four other married couples. All the people who didn’t ...

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