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Inside Photoshop® CS

Book Description

Gary Bouton has made Inside Photoshop CS a perennial best-seller due to the loyalty of his audience. A lot of people simply love the way Gary explains what Photoshop is all about. In this revised edition, Gary truly puts the outsider "inside", demystifying such intangibles as pixels, color wheel, resolution, line screens, and more of vital information for the hobbyists and professional. He covers all the new features and adds expert tips and tricks for the digital photographer. Critics and readers alike have noted that Bouton's writing style makes difficult, technical topics easy to understand -- as if they were being guided by a close friend or mentor.

Table of Contents

  1. Copyright
  2. About the Authors
  3. Acknowledgments
  4. We Want to Hear from You!
  5. Reader Services
  6. Introduction: Not New, and Not Wonderful!
  7. The Basics So You Don't Get Headaches Later: Pixels, Color Spaces, and the Universe
    1. Answers to the Most Important Imaging Questions
      1. What Is a Pixel?
      2. Bitmap and Vector Graphics
      3. Working in Color Modes
      4. Summary
    2. Producing Awesome Images from the Start
      1. A Brief Diversion into Fonts
      2. Creating a Layered Image
      3. Summary
    3. The Critically Important Color and Gamma Calibration Chapter
      1. Understanding Photoshop's Color Management System (CMS)
      2. Coming to Terms with Color Management
      3. Preparing to Create a Custom Profile
      4. Creating an ICC Profile for a Monitor
      5. Setting Photoshop's Color Management Defaults
      6. The Color Settings Dialog Box, or Laying Down the Rules
      7. Choosing Between Assigning and Converting to Profile
      8. Putting Theory into Practice
      9. Soft-Proofing, or Seeing Onscreen What an Image Will Look Like When It's Printed
      10. Summary
      11. Resources
    4. Setting Preferences, Customizing, and Optimizing Photoshop CS
      1. Accessing Photoshop's Preferences Settings
      2. General Preferences
      3. File Handling Preferences
      4. Setting Display & Cursors Preferences
      5. Understanding How to Choose Transparency & Gamut Settings
      6. Setting Units & Rulers Preferences
      7. Checking Out the Guides, Grid & Slices Preferences
      8. Getting Some Control Over Screen Appearances of Elements!
      9. Optimizing Photoshop's Performance with the Plug-Ins & Scratch Disks and Memory & Image Cache Preferences Settings
      10. More Choices and More Control with the Preset Manager
      11. Who Wants So Many Palettes in a Group?
      12. Customizing the Shapes Feature
      13. Exploring Near-Infinite Brush Variations and Creating Custom Brushes
      14. Customizing Layers
      15. Using the Tool Presets Palette
      16. Using Actions to Add Keyboard Shortcuts
      17. Setting Selection and Mask Modes
      18. Spell Checking and Photoshop
      19. Customizing Your Workspace with the Palette Well
      20. Summary
  8. A Hands-On Reference for Creating and Editing Photoshop Images
    1. Layers and Channels
      1. Examining the Flexibility of Layers
      2. Layer Sets
      3. Using the Layer Mask Feature
      4. Imagine Color Correction by Painting It On
      5. Shapes and Clipping Paths
      6. Channels: A Definition and the Keys to Mastering Them
      7. Alpha Channels: Storage Space for Special Information
      8. Summary
    2. Harnessing the Power of Selections
      1. Basic Selections 101 with Lab
      2. Introducing Marquee Tools
      3. Rounding Up the Lasso Tools
      4. Let's Lasso Somebody
      5. Magic Wand Tool Magic
      6. Getting the Best Selections (in the Least Amount of Time)
      7. Saving and Loading Selections
      8. Replacing an Overcast Sky
      9. Making a Quick Panorama Using Selections
      10. Summary
    3. Using the Pen Tools
      1. Paths, as in Those Things in Illustrator and CorelDRAW
      2. The Anatomy of a Path
      3. The Basic Path Tools
      4. The Pen Tool and Special Effects
      5. Taking Paths to the Max
      6. Summary
    4. Filters
      1. Photoshop's Native Filters
      2. Exploring the World of Third-Party Filters
      3. Summary
  9. Image Acquisition Basics
    1. Loading Digital Images into Photoshop CS from Digital Cameras, Photo CDs, Scanners, and More
      1. Bringing Images from a Digital Camera to a Computer
      2. Combining the Power of Film and Digital with Photo CDs
      3. Converting Non-Digital Images: Scanner Basics
      4. Preparing an Image to Be Scanned
      5. Scanning an Image into Photoshop
      6. Scanning Negatives and Slides
      7. Summary
    2. Digital Photography and Photoshop: A Checklist for Better Imaging
      1. Moving from Film to Digital Photography
      2. Choosing Image Compression and Quality Settings
      3. The RAW File Format
      4. Summary
  10. Correcting, Restoring, and Retouching Images
    1. Color Correction and Selections: Creating Beautiful Hands
      1. Photoshop, Selections, and Color Correction
      2. Selection for Color Correction
      3. Color Correction
      4. Working on the Background
      5. Creating Reflected Hands
      6. Adding a Snow Globe Effect to the Composition
      7. Adding a Glowing Burst to the Bubble
      8. Summary
    2. Working with Picture CD Pictures
      1. What Picture CD Is and Isn't
      2. Preparing a Picture CD Image for Email
      3. Printing Picture CD Images
      4. Cataloging Picture CD Images
      5. Summary
    3. Curves and Adjustment Layers
      1. Laying the Groundwork for Applying Curves
      2. Using Curves and Adjustment Layers
      3. Applying Minor Corrections with a Curves Adjustment Layer
      4. Finding and Removing the Dominant Color's Influence
      5. Applying Corrections in Each of the Color Channels
      6. Creating Contrast in a Color Channel
      7. Applying Curves to Selected Areas
      8. Using Curves for Special Effects
      9. Summary
    4. Keeping Up Appearances: Techniques for Retouching Images
      1. Making First Assessments for the Project
      2. Improving Overall Color
      3. Removing Unwanted Elements
      4. Changing the Season: Enhancing Image Elements
      5. Adding New Elements
      6. Adding Some Finishing Touches
      7. Summary
  11. Ambitious Image Editing
    1. Retouching a Group Scene by Creating a Composite Image
      1. Choosing Image Material
      2. Basic Editing Investigative Work
      3. The Composite Process Recipe: Select, Add, Retouch
      4. Adding Decorative Elements and Text to Create a Greeting Card
      5. Summary
    2. Creating a Dream Image from a Hopeless Snapshot
      1. Deciding What's Important to Correct
      2. Correcting Color, Cropping, and Touching Up Blemishes
      3. The Dreaded Red-Eye
      4. Digitally Reversing the Aging Process
      5. Image Problem? Use It, Don't Lose It
      6. Everything You Wanted to Know About RAW—But Were Afraid to Ask!
      7. Summary
    3. Color Balancing and Adjustment Layers: Creating a Cover Girl Image from an Average Picture
      1. Examining the Flaws in the Image
      2. Removing Unwanted Border and Making Basic Color Correction
      3. Cleaning Up the Image Background
      4. Adding a Diamond to the Image Background
      5. Editing Eye Highlights
      6. Editing the Shadows
      7. Toning Down Distracting Colors
      8. Refining and Touching Up Image Details
      9. Softening the Image Focus
      10. Turning the Cover Girl into a Magazine Cover
      11. Summary
    4. Surrealistic Photoshop
      1. Removing Large Image Areas with Layer Mask
      2. Refining an Imperfect Layer Mask
      3. Inserting a Layer into a Layer Set
      4. Using Adjustment Layers
      5. Flipping and Transforming a Layer
      6. Using Quick Methods for Creating a Layer Mask
      7. Unpainting a Painting: Removing and Replacing Image Areas
      8. Examining the Image and Applying the Final Touches
      9. Creating and Using Layer Comps
      10. Summary
    5. Replacing the Main Elements in an Image
      1. Gare Gets a New Guitar
      2. Creating a Selection Around the Guitar
      3. Adding the Guitar to the Guitarist Image
      4. Performing Some Precision Alignment
      5. Playing with Fingers That Are Playing
      6. Quick Masking and Copying the Strumming Arm
      7. Clone Stamp Tool Techniques
      8. Adding Shadows to the Scene
      9. Summary
  12. llustration, Page Layout, and Photoshop
    1. Restoring a Historic Poster
      1. Checking Out the Colors in the Poster
      2. The Game Plan
      3. Rotating the Template
      4. Vectorizing the Mountains
      5. Converting a Selection to a Path
      6. Replacing Text
      7. Adding the Last of the Text
      8. Adding a Border
      9. The Payoff: Rescaling and Reconstruction
      10. Moving Right Along
      11. Summary
    2. Typography and Page Layout in Photoshop
      1. The Garage Sale Sign Makeover
      2. Exploring the Character and Paragraph Palettes
      3. Using the Paragraph Palette
      4. Layout and Design Using Photoshop Type
      5. Typography
      6. Using Type
      7. Summary
    3. Output
      1. Interpolation Means “Interpretation”
      2. Going from Continuous Tones to Halftones
      3. PostScript and Image Resolution
      4. Printing Options in Photoshop
      5. Film Recording
      6. Summary
  13. Working for the Web with ImageReady
    1. Animations and Rollovers
      1. Animation with Photoshop
      2. Creating Animated Dissolving Text
      3. Creating a Bulging Pipe Animation
      4. Animated Fog/Scrolling Texture
      5. ImageReady, Photoshop, and Rollovers
      6. Creating Image Slices
      7. Creating Rollovers
      8. Summary
    2. Optimizing Your Images for the Web and Email
      1. The Lowdown on GIF
      2. GIF Optimization Options
      3. Optimizing JPEG Images
      4. JPEG 2000
      5. Not to Forget PNG!
      6. Summary
  14. Working Smarter and Quicker in Photoshop
    1. Ten Photoshop Tricks
      1. Trick 1: Getting Rid of a Wattle
      2. Trick 2: Creating an Image Out of Text
      3. Trick 3: Borrowing an Image's Color Palette
      4. Trick 4: Removing Fringing from Leaves
      5. Trick 5: Making a Painting from a Photo
      6. Trick 6: Creating Organic-Looking Objects Using Photoshop Filters
      7. Trick 7: Creating a Bronze Guy
      8. Trick 8: Creating Images Using Adobe Dimensions with Photoshop CS
      9. Trick 9: Coping with a Horrific Photo
      10. Trick 10: Fixing a Chopped-Off Drop Shadow
      11. Grand Chapter Summary
    2. Using Photoshop with Quark, Illustrator, XARA, and Other Programs
      1. From Photoshop to Quark
      2. From Photoshop to Illustrator
      3. From Illustrator to Photoshop
      4. From Photoshop to PageMaker
      5. From Photoshop to InDesign
      6. From Photoshop to CorelDRAW
      7. From CorelDRAW to Photoshop
      8. From Photoshop to XARA
      9. From XARA to Photoshop
      10. Summary
    3. Where Do We Go from Here?
      1. Closing Thoughts
  15. Appendices
    1. The Inside Photoshop CS CD-ROM
      1. Instructions for Installing Acrobat Reader 6
      2. What's on the Companion CD?
      3. Special Offers
      4. What to Do If You Have Problems with the Companion CD
    2. The Inside Photoshop CS eGlossary
  16. Index