What's on the Companion CD?

We're really proud of the CD that accompanies this book. You won't believe all the goodies it contains!

The Online Glossary

In the root of the CD is the eGlossary.pdf file, an Acrobat document that is the book's Glossary. It's more than 280 pages in color, thoroughly indexed, and it provides scores of cross-references. You need Acrobat Reader 3 or later to access this file.

The Boutons Folder

In the Boutons folder, you'll find

  • The Textures folder, with more than 100 images, many of them 3D. Now, as with most BoutonWare, this stuff is CharityWare, and we'll say the following just once and spare you from reading it over and over:

    CharityWare is not Freeware or Shareware.

    If you want to use a Bouton-generated piece of data ...

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