From Photoshop to InDesign

Using the File, Place command is really the only way to import a Photoshop image file into an InDesign document. But wait, you can do some fun and useful stuff with text, too. Read on!

File, Place

InDesign does not acknowledge data on the Clipboard, so a simple copy-and-paste procedure is out of the question. You need to save the file in Photoshop (to TIFF format) and then use InDesign's File, Place command to import the file. But just as a side note, you can copy and paste paths from Illustrator to InDesign.

Copying and Pasting Text

You lose the formatting, but if you need to hustle some text to or from InDesign, Photoshop can read/write the text. All you do in Photoshop is copy the text using the Type tool (to highlight ...

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