Name Resolution and Network Services

Table 4.1 lists the addresses, ports, and names used at each layer of the OSI model as it is implemented in Windows Server 2003. Processes running at each layer communicate with their peer processes at other stations using these addresses, ports, and names.

Let's now work our way down the OSI stack to see how each layer resolves the NetBIOS name into an address that can be used to communicate with its peer layer on another machine.

Table 4.1. Addresses and Names Used at Each Windows Server 2003 Network Layer
LayerProtocolName or Address
ApplicationSMBNetBIOS name
TransportTCP or UDPPort number
NetworkIPIP address
Data linkNDISMAC address

Multihomed NetBIOS Registrations and Single Adapters

The Multihomed NetBIOS ...

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