Sorting Elements

You can use <xsl:sort>to sort nodes. This element sets the order of node processing for <xsl:apply-templates> and <xsl:for-each>. The following list includes the attributes of <xsl:sort>:

  • select(optional). Sets to an XPath expression that returns a node set to sort. The default is “string(.)”.

  • order(optional). Sets the sort order; set to “ascending” or “descending”.

  • case-order(optional). Determines whether upper-case letters come before lower-case letters. Set to “upper-first” or “lower-first”.

  • lang(optional). Sets the language whose sorting conventions are to be used. Set to a language code valid in the xml:lang attribute.

  • data-type(optional). Sets whether the sort should be alphabetical or numerical. Set to “text”, “number”, or ...

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