Chapter 5Confront the F Word

Figure depicting the term “COMMIT” that includes three parts: 1. A team can achieve amazing things; 2. Your team has untapped potential; and 3. Shared commitment will make change happen. First two parts indicating the term “DARE TO DREAM” by changing the definition of success by creating an inspiring vision. Second part also indicating the term “BUILD BELIEF” by changing 3% into 30% by inspiring your team to dream. Last two parts indicating the term “HOW GOOD DO YOU WANT TO BE” by turning around negativity by exciting and involving unfulfilled team members. Last part (3) also indicating the term “MAKE THE IMPOSSIBLE POSSIBLE” by creating a powerful shared process by using discipline and team work. First and third parts indicated the term “OVERCOME THE F WORD” by conquer fear to kickstart change by indentifying and beating the mental blocks that hold the team back.

Achieving a dream. Making the impossible possible. Asking how good you want to be. Some of you will be filled with excitement at the idea of doing things like this. This might be why you want to be a leader. Some of you will feel panic about the idea of launching into the unknown. If this is you, you are not alone. All of us are held back by our fears.

The most obvious fear is that you will fail. But there are others. Fear of looking ridiculous. Fear of rejection. Fear that people will not follow you.

The final part of commitment is the commitment to break through those fears as a team. Fear is natural, but living in fear is not. Everyone is afraid sometimes. It's what you, and your team, do about that fear that matters.

Fear of Flying

A man, in his 50s, is sitting in the doorway of a plane like a condemned man. Below him, 13,500 feet away, is a patchwork of fields, a coastline, the sea. It all looks so small.

He is terrified. He holds on to the doorway, because that reminds him of the certain world that's two-and-a-half-miles below. He knows that everyone is waiting for him to step out, but he's scared of heights: he got dizzy when he was given a room on the eighth floor of a hotel. As he looks down, he knows there are two instructors to hold on to him, and keep him safe. That doesn't matter right now, because his instincts tell him that when ...

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