Chapter 12

Creating an Effective Instagram Ad


check Learning different ways to create an Instagram ad

check Testing ad types, images, and audiences to maximize effectiveness

check Measuring your ad’s results

After you decide what type of ad will work best for you, it's time to find out how to create the ad. In this chapter, we walk through the various ways you can create an Instagram ad, including creating it directly through Instagram’s mobile app and two options from Facebook (Ads Manager and Power Editor). If you're planning on running the same creative campaign on Facebook, it’s helpful to understand Facebook Ads Manager or Power Editor so your Instagram and Facebook campaigns are synced.

tip Facebook optimizes campaigns run on both platforms. Whichever platform is performing better (based on the objective you set) will get more ads shown.

We also cover the important topics of testing your ads and measuring the results. By making simple tweaks based on the data uncovered through testing and measuring, you can make a huge difference in the effectiveness of ongoing and new campaigns. ...

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