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Instant Adobe Edge Inspect Starter

Book Description

Step-by-step, hands-on recipes to debug, test, and preview web applications on multiple mobile devices with Adobe Edge Inspect

  • Learn something new in an Instant! A short, fast, focused guide delivering immediate results.
  • Simplify mobile web testing. Remotely debug, test, and preview your mobile web projects on actual mobile devices.
  • Wirelessly connect multiple mobile devices with your computer and simultaneously test in all devices.
  • Make changes to the HTML/CSS/JavaScript of your mobile web project and instantly see the result in your mobile devices.
  • Create your own simple mobile web application and test it in multiple mobile devices using Edge Inspect.

In Detail

Mobile web testing is currently a really time consuming and cumbersome process as there are no direct debugging tools available with mobile web browsers. Since mobile devices vary so much it is important to ensure that your web page looks as intended across the multiple mobile devices that you are targeting for your audience. Edge Inspect is a perfect tool for web developers and designers who are developing for mobile devices, allowing them to simultaneously test on numerous devices in real time as they develop without learning anything new.

"Adobe Edge Inspect Starter" is a practical, hands-on guide that provides you with a number of detailed steps, which will help you to get started on testing and previewing all your mobile web projects on multiple mobile devices. This book will also show you how to use all the other available features of Edge Inspect and make the entire testing process on mobile devices very simple, effortless, and faster.

This book starts with an introduction to Edge Inspect and will take you through a number of clear and detailed steps needed to set up a working installation, and get up and running with testing your web pages on mobile devices.

You will also learn why traditional ways of testing mobile web applications are not very helpful and how Adobe Edge Inspect overcomes it. We will take a look at connecting single and multiple mobile devices with your computer and how to browse in sync. We will learn about remotely inspecting and previewing mobile web pages on a targeted device and directly see the changes taking place on the device itself. We will discuss in detail about creating our very own simple mobile web application, running it from a local server and testing it across mobile devices. We will also take a look at how to use the Edge Inspect web inspector window and do some basic HTML, CSS, and JavaScript debugging. And then finally we will take a look at using our own local Weinre debug server with Edge Inspect and some other very important features. If you want to take advantage of Adobe Edge Inspect and make mobile web testing a lot easier, then this is the book is for you.

"Adobe Edge Inspect Starter" will guide you in getting started with Edge Inspect and will make testing on mobile devices a lot simpler and faster. The book is packed with a lot of examples and diagrams that will help you to test all your mobile web projects without any hassle.

Table of Contents

  1. Instant Adobe Edge Inspect Starter
    1. Instant Adobe Edge Inspect Starter
    2. Credits
    3. About the Author
    4. About the Reviewer
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      2. Free Access for Packt account holders
    7. 1. Instant Adobe Edge Inspect Starter
      1. So, what is Adobe Edge Inspect?
        1. Reasons for using Adobe Edge Inspect
        2. What you can do with Adobe Edge Inspect
        3. Some features of Edge Inspect
      2. Installation
        1. Step 1 – what do I need? (basic requirements)
          1. Windows
          2. Mac OS
          3. Google Chrome web browser
          4. iOS
          5. Android
          6. Amazon's Kindle Fire support
        2. Step 2 – downloading and installing Adobe Edge Inspect
          1. Edge Inspect application for your computer
          2. Bonjour
          3. Edge Inspect client app for mobile device
          4. Google Chrome browser extension for Edge Inspect
        3. Step 3 – installing a web server on your computer
        4. And that's it!
      3. Quick start – pairing mobile devices with your computer
        1. Step 1 – start the Edge Inspect helper application on your computer
        2. Step 2 – start the Edge Inspect app on your mobile device
        3. Step 3 – tap on the detected computer name to connect
        4. Step 4 – enter the passcode number and authorize the connection
        5. Step 5 – your mobile device is now paired
        6. Step 6 – pairing multiple devices
      4. Top 7 features you'll want to know about
        1. Remotely inspecting and debugging mobile web pages
          1. Creating a sample mobile web application page for our testing purpose
            1. The viewport meta tag
          2. Open the Edge Inspect web inspector window
          3. Changing the HTML markup and viewing the results
          4. Changing CSS style rules
          5. Viewing console log messages
          6. Remote inspection for multiple devices
          7. Debugging already hosted mobile web projects
        2. Use your own weinre server
        3. Cache management
        4. Taking screenshots
        5. Toggle full screen view on mobile devices
        6. Debugging pages with authentication and login
        7. SSL support
      5. People and places you should get to know
        1. Official sites
        2. Articles and tutorials
        3. Community
        4. Blogs
        5. Twitter