Indexing text (Intermediate)

While we now have data in Solr, so far it is not that different from storing it in a database. We can get data in and we can get data out. The real strength of Solr is in indexing the text, or to be more precise, indexing text is what Lucene does and Solr wraps around Lucene to provide definition management, import, export, caching, and other functions.

Let's have a look at what possibilities we gain by actually starting to use the text handling options Solr and Lucene offer us.

Let's try to index in a way that allows us to find documents for the following scenarios:

  • Scenario A: Find a message for Kari
  • Scenario B: Find all messages with the word Kari in any text field
  • Scenario C: Find all messages with the phrase Java engineers ...

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