Importing data into HBase (Intermediate)

So far, all the Sqoop statements that we have looked at were dumped from the RDBMS table into HDFS. Now we are focusing on importing the RDBMS data to HBase.

Getting ready

The following table shows a list of HBase arguments that we have to use to import the RDBMS data to HBase:

Parameter / Argument


--coulmn-family <columnfamily-name>

Specifies a column family of the target HBase table.


By using –hbase-create-table, Sqoop will create the missing table and the column family in HBase before executing the MapReduce job.

--hbase-row-key <column>

Specifies which input column to use as an HBase row key.

--hbase-table <table-name>

Specifies the name of the target ...

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