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Instant Cinema 4D Starter

Book Description

Get started with Cinema 4D and create your first animated scene

  • Learn something new in an Instant! A short, fast, focused guide delivering immediate results.
  • Learn the basic rules and layout of the C4D user interface
  • Follow along step-by-step as you build your first animated scene in C4D
  • Learn helpful tricks and shortcuts from a motion graphics professional

In Detail

Instant Cinema 4D Starter is one of the most prevalent 3D packages on the market today. With an intuitive user interface, experienced 3D artists can learn how to use C4D very quickly and easily. Amongst other features, C4D's animation tools and bulletproof rendering pipeline make it a major contender in the field of 3D software.

"Instant Cinema 4D Starter" is a book written by an experienced artist, for other artists. You will learn how to navigate the interface, and be given a basic understanding of how objects and hierarchies are structured in C4D. Then a step-by-step illustrated tutorial will teach you how to build a logo animation from the ground up.

"Instant Cinema 4D Starter" provides a leg up for 3D artists that need to learn this powerful software. You will benefit from easy-to-understand instructions and informative illustrations. After being walked through the installation process, you will be taught the basics of navigating the C4D interface. This includes an overview of the different components of the interface, as well as some golden “rules to live by” that carry over throughout the entire application.

You will then jump into Cinema 4D with a hands-on tutorial. The tutorial starts with importing vector artwork from a 2D logo. You will then learn how to clean it and build it up to a geometric 3D model. You will then use a free plugin to shatter the logo geometry, and a module named MoGraph to animate it. After animating the camera and lighting the logo, you’ll be ready to render your scene. The only thing left to do is leave the reader with some helpful links to important and helpful resources in the C4D community.