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Instant Edublogs

Book Description

Set up your blog, develop a thriving community of readers, and reach out to your students

  • Learn something new in an Instant! A short, fast, focused guide delivering immediate results
  • Full of step-by-step instructions that will help you create your blog
  • Customize your blog using URLs, themes, and plugins to make it distinct
  • Experiment with advanced plugins and determine how they can add functionality to make your blog more useful

In Detail

Blogging is a way of publicly thinking and sharing. It allows us to connect with others, crystallize our thoughts, and get authentic feedback from others in education – parents, students, and educators from all over the world. This translates into becoming an effective practitioner. Edublogs allows you to build a platform where you can share your life and knowledge with others. Connect with other educators and support each other as you grow together.

Instant Edublogs will show you how to start a blog and improve it with powerful plugins. It then goes into detail about how to choose and customize engaging themes, write and manage posts, and even more. It will delve into the most advanced features that Edublogs offers and help you start blogging collectively with your students.

Instant Edublogs takes a systemic and step-by-step approach from the very beginning. It will show you how to start a blog, and choose a title and theme. It then moves onto the more advanced features, such as utilizing plugins for specialized functionality and growing readership through social media. This book also gives you tips and ideas on how to reach out to your students so that they can reap the benefits of community and public writing. Follow this book to become a pro at blogging with Edublogs.