Instant Encore DVD 1.5

Book description

Carefully detailed screen shots and step-by-step directions illustrate how to use Encore DVD software in a time-efficient way. Readers learn to harness the full scope of Encore DVD's functions, including importing and organizing content to build the DVD, using Photoshop to create menus, and finish authoring. Professional tips about workflow and other topics are also provided throughout.

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright
  4. Table of Contents
  5. Tech Editor‘s Notes
  6. Introduction
  7. Chapter 1: Welcome to Encore
    1. The Interface
    2. The Workspace
    3. The First Project:
    4. Turn On/Off the Prompt for TV Standard
    5. Save and Recall the Project
    6. Importing Video Assets
    7. AVI vs. MPEG-2 Source File Considerations
    8. Import PCM Audio Files
    9. Import AC-3 Audio Files
    10. Import MPEG-1 Layer II Audio Files
    11. Change the Default Audio Encoding Scheme
    12. Import Files as Graphics
    13. Find Missing Files (Assets)
    14. Replace Assets
    15. Get Organized!
    16. Plan the DVD Project Using a Flowchart
    17. View Specific File Types in the Project Tab
    18. Custom Transcode Presets for Video
    19. Preprocess Video in a Nonlinear Editor for Best Encode
    20. Change the Transcode Preset for Audio
    21. Manually Determine Bitrate
  8. Chapter 2: Timelines, Timelines
    1. Start Me Up!
    2. Monitor Timelines
    3. Trim Clips in the Timeline Window
    4. What’s the Point?
    5. Set Chapter Points at GOP Headers in MPEG-2 Files
    6. Set Poster Frames for Chapter Points
    7. Set the Remote Control Button Menu of a Timeline
    8. Set the End Action of a Timeline
  9. Chapter 3: Speak the Language...
    1. Import Audio into a Timeline
    2. AC-3 for Me, Please?
    3. Edit Audio Clips in the Timeline Window
    4. Specify Audio Language
    5. Add a Subtitle Track
    6. Comprehending Subtitles
    7. Use the Character Palette for Subtitle Fonts
    8. Add Subtitles in the Monitor Window
    9. Choose the Color Group of a Subtitle Clip
    10. Create a New Timeline Color Set
    11. Set the Default Length of Subtitles
    12. Set the In and Out Points of Subtitles
    13. Import a Text Script as Subtitles
    14. Create a Slideshow from Still Images
    15. Specify Subtitle Language
    16. Adjust the Duration of Images in the Timeline Window
    17. Set the Default Length of Still Images
  10. Chapter 4: Menus, Menus, Art and Function
    1. Open an Existing Template
    2. Understanding Basic Layers and Layer Prefixes
    3. Modify the Text in an Existing Template
    4. Deactivate or Remove Extra Buttons from a Template
    5. Edit in Photoshop Feature
    6. Save a Modified Template
    7. Organize Graphics, Menus, and Buttons
    8. Library Palette Maintenance
    9. Using Photoshop to Create a Menu
    10. Create a New Menu Inside Encore
    11. Open a Blank Menu
    12. Use Non-Photoshop Files as Menus
    13. Gimme Some Background
    14. What’s My Name?
    15. What Do I Say?
    16. How Does It Look?
    17. Only the Shadow Knows…
  11. Chapter 5: Push My Buttons
    1. Encore 1.5 Authoring with Style!
    2. Use Buttons from the Library Palette
    3. PSDs Can Be Buttons Too!
    4. Use Non-Photoshop Files as Buttons
    5. Use Shapes and Images from the Library Palette
    6. Convert a Graphic to a Button
    7. Copy and Paste Buttons in the Menu Editor
    8. Resize Buttons in the Menu Editor
    9. Arrange Buttons in the Menu Editor
    10. Using Gridlines in Encore 1.5
    11. Applying Styles to Buttons in Encore 1.5
    12. Create a Subpicture Highlight for a Button
    13. Create a Text Subpicture Highlight
    14. View the Selection States of Subpicture Highlights
  12. Chapter 6: Navigation
    1. Link Buttons to Chapter Points
    2. Use Pickwhips for Button Linking
    3. Set an Override Action of a Button
    4. Play One, Play All and Play One
    5. Use Playlists in Encore 1.5
    6. Change the Automatic Routing of Buttons
    7. Let Me Do It: Change the Routing of Buttons
    8. Proper Mouse Selection Area
    9. Set the Default Button
    10. Offset the Button Numbers
    11. Title Button vs Menu Button
  13. Chapter 7: Takin’ on Hollywood
    1. Create Audio/Language and Subtitle Submenus
    2. Create Still and Video Thumbnail Menus
    3. Now Hear This! Menu Audio
    4. Add Background Video to a Menu
    5. Creating Motion with After Effects
    6. Loop d’ Loop; Looping a Menu.
    7. Exit Stage Left; Transition Videos for Menus
    8. Create a Menu Color Set
    9. Understanding Color Sets and Subpicture Highlights
    10. Change a Menu’s Color Set
    11. Use the Preview Window
    12. Set the End Action of a Menu
    13. Set the Menu Override
  14. Chapter 8: Burn Baby Burn!
    1. Use the Disc Tab to Name a Disc
    2. Add DVD-ROM Content to a Disc
    3. Check Links/Check Project
    4. What’s it Gonna Look Like? Preview an Entire Disc
    5. Set the Media Size and Type
    6. Set Region Codes
    7. Specify Copy Protection
    8. Write to the Hard Drive/DVD Folder
    9. Preview a Disc with an External Software DVD Player
    10. Make a DVD Image/ISO
    11. Make a DVD Master/Export to DLT
    12. Burn to Disc
    13. Check Player Compatibility
    14. DVD-R vs. DVD+R
  15. Glossary

Product information

  • Title: Instant Encore DVD 1.5
  • Author(s): Douglas Spotted Eagle
  • Release date: April 2013
  • Publisher(s): Routledge
  • ISBN: 9781136063978