Chapter 101. Do 101 and DONE! Deciding Which Offer to Accept

You'll be instantly inundated with offers once you start using the first 100 techniques.

Don't panic!

Now I'll show you how to buy some time to decide, then show you how to do it.

Recognize that You're Not the Same at Do 101 as You Were at Do 1

When you began following Instant Interviews, you had to beg for a job and take whatever was offered.

Now you know what a job really is, and how to make your own.

So if you're considering an offer, the only question is, "What am I giving up by not having more instant interviews?"

The answer is, "More opportunities."

It's a tough decision, and really comes down to whether you love the gig or need the money.

We'll get to the Offer Comparison Checklist in a few.

But first . . .

Take at Least One Day to Accept

Asking for a day to sleep on it can be a challenge. But you owe it to yourself to really think all offers through.

It also makes you look just a little more in demand—an important way to position yourself if you start working there.

The day can be used to call any offerors with possible, probable, or pending offers.

I'm going to take you through a dialogue of the most agonizing fact pattern. It's the phone call with an offer, but not from the company with your dream job. That offeror hasn't called.

You need to work now. It's a good offer. But that dream job may be offered within a week. So you probably need more than one day.

You just received the call and the offer's been made . . .

Oliver: I know ...

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