Chapter 29. Inciting Potential Offerors to Interview

The key to any instant interviewing is to incite someone to initiate an interview on the spot.

You've seen how we vividly give someone a hook (Do 8). That's inducement—a reason. That's passive.

Inciting is used in the phrase "inciting a riot." It doesn't mean giving someone a reason. It means lighting a fire under him. A burning desire—even a compulsion—that energizes him to act. Inciting can be very constructive, too.

Here are a half-dozen instant inciters.

Know You Can Do Whatever You're Asked

This goes beyond thinking positively. It's saying and conveying the word Done!

The words are "Sure!" "I will!" "No problem!" Save "I'll try" for your kids. (That way you'll never break your word to them.)

Offerors are incited by positive I.I.'s. She must hire you. You can do anything!

Be Responsible for What You Say

How many people would say, "I can't start for another two weeks. I've got projects they want me to complete at my job. They want two weeks' notice anyway."

Ouch! Can't wouldn't incite a centipede. Phrasing it that way—like your work is on top of you (instead of the other way around)—is not something a superhero does.

How about, "I want to complete the critical projects at work so my employer will win the contract."

You probably can think of only a few people who accept personal responsibility. They're probably the most successful people you know.

Focus on What's Sticking, not the Person Who's Stuck

The offeror says, "I'm so far behind in ...

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