Chapter 31. Vacationing Free While They Interview Thee

Since I conduct seminars, I work with meeting planners constantly.

If it's not fun and free, we don't do it. That's not a goal, it's a rule.

What if you could instantly arrange nonstop interviewing in whatever field you wanted while on a fully paid vacation at a world-class resort? Would life be a box of chocolates? The two-pound box? With many almond clusters?

That's what you get when you volunteer to help at the trade show of your choice.

How do you arrange it? Before lunch? (Yes, dessert first.)

Behold, genie (Do 1).

Pick a Resort Area

Pick any one your interviewing heart desires. Vegas is a great venue for trade shows (aka conventions and conferences).

Then google something like las vegas convention visitors bureau. (You can't make a mistake, since any variation of this will get you the list of hits.)

There's always a listing of the carnivals comin' to town. Sometimes you click a link, sometimes you write down the name of the group, sometimes you call the phone number given. Always look for dates, host hotels, and contacts.

This is a simple process since advertising on the Web is the major way resort areas attract visitors.

Next, you . . .

Pick a Trade Association

Any one you like. If you're a structural engineer, look for a building contractor or real estate developer confab. Or a coin convention if your hobby is collecting them. Whatever. The cybersky's the limit.

Then google the trade association or other sponsor. Get the phone number ...

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