Chapter 44. Indemnifying an Offeror for Your Instant Dream Job

How about just going for the job you want? Banzai!

There's a secret way to do it (until now). It's called indemnification. Sounds so legal, huh? That's what we want. Something that shows sophistication. Seriousness. Supersense.

But you have to do your homework first.

Before you begin, google the business and print out any historical, philosophical, product, financial, and future plan information to study. Then google its product or service to find out its two fiercest competitors. Print out their information too. Study it and write down practical ways you can boom the biz.

Call the palace and ask the guard if the king of umbrellas is holding court. If not, when? Anonymously. Get a yes or a later time and you're almost there.

Then dress up. Your best. No perfume or cologne. (You showered, right?) Take a briefcase if you have one or can borrow one. Black with gold trim preferred. Pack it with your business cards (Do 1), a gold pen, your resume (Do 5), and a one-page indemnification agreement. I'll give you the template shortly.

You're off to see Mr. Mucho Macho Medicine Man. Bearing gifts. You and your business card.

If your junglejeep is a little wrecked, park its chassis out in the thicket. No need to blow your cover.

March your fine frame right up to that gate. Look the guard right in the bloodshot eye, smile, hand him your business card, and say, "I'm here to see Oscar the Offeror." (But use his real name.)

The guard thinks: ...

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